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Sprachakademie Dantas offers you many advantages...

Free counseling and level assessment of your current knowledge in the language. Give us a call on +49 (0)89 / 69 39 73 07 between 8am and 8pm

Great accessibility with public transportation by tram (Leonrodplatz) and by subway (Maillingerstr or Theresienstr) and plenty of parking lots in the area.

The small classes between 3 and 10 participants ensure sufficient attention for everyone.

Request a free trial lesson before you book a private course.

Our highly qualified teachers are native speakers with an academical background.

Upon course completion you receive a certificate acknowledging your language skills.

Our Language Courses

Our language school offers you the course you need. Choose between a group course, a private course (presence or online) or corporate training including intercultural training. Since we offer all levels, you can choose the one that suits you best and be sure that you will learn the language of your choice as soon as possible.

We welcome you to inform yourself about our courses below and to register for a course by selecting the language of your choice.

In our Group Courses... have fun learning your language together with the other course participants and learning in a group motivates. Since our courses are offered in different levels, the knowledge for all participants are similar. Our group courses are always offered in all levels and you can be sure to find the right one for you.

3 to 10 persons participate in a group course, which makes sure that each participant gets enough attention.

If you want to make progress even faster you should consider an intensive group course.

Beside the mentioned group courses, which are all based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we also offer conversational courses in which you improve your conversational skills.

Our Language School in Munich


Our language school is located in Hilblestraße 7 in Munich, which can be conveniently reached by the tram station Leonrodplatz.

If you prefer to go by subway, you reach our language school afoot within about 10 minutes from the subway stations Maillingerstr (U1 / U7) or Theresienstr (U2).

There are also plenty of parking lots in the area.

A Private Course is ideal...

...when you wish to learn a language independently. Sprachakademie Dantas offers you the flexibility you need, since you decide when, where and even for whom the private language course should be for. You decide if you want to let familymembers or friends join the class and you do not need to pay extra if doing so.

We make sure that your private course is tailored to your needs; maybe you need a certificate acknowledging your languge skills or you need to learn a language for your professional life?

Also (Face-to-Face) Online Courses...

...gain more and more popularity. As with a classic private course the classes are tailored to your needs and you have the flexibility to decide about when and where you want to be teached. Furthermore, you decide if you want family members or friends to be able to join the course without any additional costs for you or for them.

Since the content of the private online course is aligned to the purpose you have for learning the language and since the pace of the course is based on your personal preferences, you will notice that this is a very efficient way of learning the language of your choice.

All you need for your online private course is a computer with webcam and Skype.


Mir hat der Kurs sehr gut gefallen, da meine Lehrerin sehr aufmerksam und sympathisch war. Sie konnte sich, dadurch dass es ein Einzelunterricht war, voll und ganz nur auf mich konzentrieren. Daher habe ich schnell große Fortschritte gemacht und sehr schnell die grundlegenden und wichtigen Sachen zur Verständigung auf Portugiesisch gelernt. Meine Gasteltern waren sehr überrascht, dass ich doch so viel verstehe. Wenn ich irgendwann nochmal eine Auffrischung in Portugiesisch brauche werde ich mich wieder bei Ihnen melden.
Ina Schöppner

For Corporate Training...

...we are pleased to write a suitable quotation according to your company's terms and expectations.

Many companies of different sizes and within different industries have confidence in us and our language courses, which we offer in the highest possible quality and to attractive prices.

In addition to our language courses we also offer our corporate customers intercultural trainings, in which the understanding of your foreign business partners or customers is enhanced. The intercultural training can be offered as a seminar or as a course.

You decide if you prefer to have the classes in-house or rather in our office.

Some of our Corporate Customers

Hopefully, we could interest you in our language school and we would look forward to meeting you in person.